Starting in 2018, our family decided to make the jump from growing for many years for the traditional market to the recreational market with the implementation of Prop 64. Using our many years of growing experience to dial in some of the most sought after strains. We are now one of the largest cultivators in Oakland and are 100% bootstrapped. No corporate investments or interests here. We focus on growing craft cannabis at scale. We do it to bring you the highest quality cannabis flowers on the market at a price that's affordable for everyone. We don't think you should have to spend $60 to try some of the best cannabis California has to offer.


OFL offers convenient delivery services and has a wide presence in California, with over 100 retail stores carrying our products. For delivery, you can click the “Shop Now” button, and if you prefer in-person shopping, you can locate a nearby retail store on our store locator page. This provides customers with flexibility in accessing OFL products either through delivery or at physical retail locations.

Any individual over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis products.

We accept credit and debit cards.

Order processing takes about 1-2 days from receiving the order to preparing for delivery.  .

Go to My Accounts under Orders and find the order you would like to change.

Go to My Accounts under Orders and find the order you like to view the status.

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